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This Is Tubagility
[Nick Etherid]



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This Is Tubagility - Nick Etheridge

Fripp, McDonald, Lake, Giles, Sinfield
arr. John-Paul Gandy

21st Centry Schizoid Man
Tom Harrold
John-Paul Gandy
Heck-Fantasy Concerto for Tuba, Marimba and Band
Tom Harrold
Lalo Schifrin arr John O'Neill
Enter the Dragon
Ronnie Hazlehurst arr. John O'Neill
Are You Being Served
Laurie Johnson arr John O'Neill
The New Avengers
Gershon Kingsley
T.Yabe, T. Matsuura, R. Sebbag, M. Ondo
arr. Graham Mann

The Planet Plan

The aim of this musical manual is to help you get the best possible enjoyment and understanding of its contents. It can do so in several ways. The manual also contains drawings and descriptions to show the function of its various musical components. It is hoped this manual and its contents will provide you with a pleasurable and challenging journey through the engaging and challenging new music commissioned by Nick Etheridge. This manual aims to show that the contemporary performer on the Bass Tuba can perform with Tubagility and transcend its musical stereotype while staying true to the nature of the instrument with a fresh and invigorating approach. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the information contained in this manual is correct, no liability can be accepted by the performers or composers for loss, damage or injury sustained while engaged with this musical experience. Nick Etheridge

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