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Concertino & Concertos


On this recording are assembled three giants, two of whom, particularly precocious, were compared to Mozart in their day.

As well, a reunion of great performers: pianist Alain Lefèvre, violinist David Lefèvre, trumpeter Paul Archibald joined by the London Mozart Players led by Matthias Bamert. Recorded in London in Winter 2009, this album will delight the connoisseurs with never and rarely recorded works.

While Schumann freely referred to Felix Mendelssohn as the "Mozart of the 19th century,” Goethe, who saw both young musicians perform, felt that young Felix shone even more brilliantly than his predecessor. "I am Saul and you are my David; when I am sad and dismayed, come to me and comfort me with your music,” he declared after hearing the 13-year-old Mendelssohn improvise on the theme of a Bach fugue. A century later, a similar label was placed on André Mathieu. "I cannot say whether little André Mathieu will become a greater musician than Mozart, but I can say that at his age, Mozart had not created anything comparable to what this miraculous boy performed for us with stunning brio,” wrote Émile Vuillermoz in 1939.

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