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Brass Classics

Brass Monkey - the six-piece band that started in 1980 - are about to embark on their 30th anniversary tour of the UK. This iconic band, irreplaceable on the folk music scene, have a unique sound, nobody else remotely resembles them and every live appearance is a speacial event. Brass Monkey is fronted by John Kirkpatrick and Martin Carthy, with a unique brass accompaniment. Martin Carthy and John Kirkpatrick naturally lock into one another's playing with an ease and precision that can only come of playing together for over thirty years. Paul Archibald and Shane Brennan add another dimension on trumpets, piccolo trumpets and flugel horns and Roger Williams trips effortlessly through the fastest of tunes on bass trombone. Martin Brinsford plays mouth-organ and percussion. Six masters of their art on stage together - a rare treat indeed.
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