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Brass Classics

Carl Ackerfeldt in Piramo e Ti
Enrico di Borgogna - opera by Donizetti.
First performance 1818 in Venice, Italy.
Second performance 2012 in Vadstena, Sweden.
Violin, viola, violoncell, double-bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, timpani (period instruments A=430).
Planned period for orchestra in Vadstena: July 4 - August 7, 2012. Performed in Vadstena Castle. Conductor Olof Boman.
Holder of a scholarship
All performers at Vadstena Academy are awarded scholarships. These scholarships provide a contribution to the cost of food and accommodation for their participation at Vadstena Academy.
How to apply for a scholarship
Please send in your CV and 1-2 references (teachers/conductors etc) and information about your experience of period instruments to: or to
Vadstena-Akademien, Surbrunnsgatan 64, SE-113 27 Stockholm, Sweden
Last day for application: 15th of February, 2012.
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The projects offered comprise the study of two operas each summer in Vadstena - generally an old, unknown work that has not been performed in modern times and/or a newly written work. During the rehearsal period, everyone involved in the production comes to Vadstena Academy to work intensively together, without the usual distractions of everyday life. The instructors (the director and conductor) work closely together throughout the rehearsal period, which is unusual in the context of professional opera.
Vadstena Academy
Photo: Markus Garder Carl Ackerfeldt in Piramo e Tisbe (Hasse 1768), Vadstena Castle, 2010