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Brass Classics

Kirrily enjoys Dartington.....
Dartington International Summer School have announced that there are opportunities on offer for brass players to obtain bursaries for the Dartington International Summer School this year. There is an exciting line up of tutors and events:
Weeks 1 & 2 Early Brass Course
Directors David Staff & Emily White

This course is for those who are interested in the history, development and playing of the late seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth century trumpet and trombone. Trumpeters will focus on trumpet ensembles, working without vent holes as much as possible. Trombonists will be looking at historical performance on period instruments encompassing five hundred years of the instrument's history. Playing will be as a trombone choir, and with individual lessons. This is the first week of Early Brass, and it is possible to attend just one or both weeks of this course.
Week 5
Focussed on classical wind, brass and percussion, and will include instrumental masterclasses, wind chamber music, brass ensemble, and a salsa band.
All information can be found by visiting Dartington International Summer School
The courses are offered to all ages and abilities in the beautiful setting of the Dartington Hall Estate.